Hello and welcome! You have just stumbled upon this personal guide to Puerto del Carmen. Our goal is to provide you with honest and useful information about the resort to help you plan your holiday in the sun.

Welcome to Puerto del Carmen!

Stylish island, hectic resort

Lanzarote is a more quiet, stylish and laid back holiday island than its cousins Gran Canaria and Tenerife. Puerto del Carmen is the largest resort on the island and is conveniently located only 10 kilometres / 15 minutes drive from Lanzarote’s airport. In this honest travel guide you can read about why we love this place, the prices of beer and meals, shopping opportunities, beaches, nightlife and much more. But beware, there are also things you should seek to avoid when visiting Lanzarote’s most popular and largest resort.

It happens on the strip

Puerto del Carmen’s place to be is an area of 5-6 kilometres along the coast. From Matagorda beach to the Old Harbor area, this area locally is known as the ‘Strip’.  Along the Strip you are indulged in a number of food restaurants, up to 80 bars’, disco’s, and family entertainment and of course, plenty of trinket and gift shops.  A glorious 6km walk way running all along the south coast enables a great feast of viewing.  This includes the main runway at Areopuerto de Lanzarote, all the fantastic south coast beaches and vast amounts of entertainments along the main strip, all leading to the old harbor.

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21 August 2010 at 4:42 am.

Hi Ken,
I came across your site, and like it very much – good to see a no-nonsense and honest approach to providing information. The island needs more sites like yours.

Our site, All Things Lanzarote, carries quite a lot of holiday villa advertising and other information. Would you be interested in some form of reciprocal arrangement where we promote/link to your site for specific PdC information, and you promote/link to ours for holiday villa information? I think we have about 50 villas in Puerto del Carmen on our site, and I would be happy to draft some unique copy for you to introduce the subject to your readers.

Please let me know what you think.

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